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Single Tooth Implant Replacement

As a child, losing a tooth can be exciting. As an adult, it’s more likely to be embarrassing or even painful! If you’ve lost a single permanent tooth, we have a simple, long-lasting solution for you: dental implant tooth restoration.

Our single tooth implant replacements are designed to neatly fill a hole left by a missing tooth, which means a repaired smile and improved dental health. Whether you’ve lost the tooth recently or even years ago, a dental implant can help!

What Are the Benefits of Receiving a Single Tooth Implant?

If you’ve only lost one tooth and it hasn’t caused you any pain or discomfort, replacing that tooth might not seem particularly urgent. However, even one missing tooth can have long-term consequences if it’s not fixed quickly.

Jaw Health
As long as a tooth is missing, the bone underneath it will slowly weaken and wear away. As the jawbone deteriorates, it can cause pain, infection, and long-term damage to your dental health!

A simple tooth implant can halt and reverse any bone damage, which means a healthier, stronger jaw almost immediately. This procedure can be the difference between extensive dental work in the future or a strong, healthy smile right now!

A Healthy Bite
It’s an unfortunate truth that even one missing tooth can disrupt your natural, healthy bite. When there’s a gap in your teeth, the teeth next to that hole will naturally drift to fill it. The problem with this natural occurrence is as your teeth move, it changes your bite.

Before long, you might find that your teeth aren’t fitting together comfortably anymore. This can interfere with your jaw alignment and cause crooked teeth. A tooth implant will stop the other teeth from drifting and keep your smile healthy and your teeth straight.

Standalone Recovery
While a dental bridge or other procedure that involves multiple teeth takes longer to recover because it affects more teeth, a single tooth implant can recover independently. Similarly, a single tooth implant can be placed without bothering the neighboring teeth. A single tooth implant makes for fast and effective recovery!

Once they’ve fully healed, single tooth implants also don’t require any extra maintenance than a natural tooth. You’ll be able to brush, floss, and eat without any special considerations. Keeping your single tooth implant healthy will just be a natural part of your daily schedule.

What Is the Difference Between a Single Dental Implant and a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge replaces multiple teeth in a single gap. A traditional bridge secures the replacement crowns by fastening the dental prosthetic to teeth on either side of the gap; whereas an implant bridge will secure multiple teeth in one gap directly to a dental implant.

If you have multiple damaged or missing teeth, especially if they neighbor each other, a dental bridge might be a good choice for you.

A single dental implant replaces one missing tooth individually. If you’re missing a single tooth or have a tooth that is damaged enough to need extraction, a single dental implant is a great way to restore the missing tooth without impacting any of your already healthy teeth.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Generally, dental implants are charged per implant, not for the dental implant procedure as a whole. As a result, you won’t have to worry about losing money or paying too much on your single tooth implant cost. There’s no bargain on waiting to receive multiple single dental implants at once—it’s always better to receive your single tooth implant now!

As for the price itself, tooth implant cost will range widely depending on your individual teeth, how long it’s been since you lost the tooth, and your insurance. Because all these factors can affect the total cost, it’s hard to provide one set average cost of dental implants.

Instead, the best way to determine how much a tooth implant will cost you is by meeting with us, your dentist at Arlington Dentistry by Design! We will be able to give you a precise dollar amount so you can plan your budget accordingly and get your smile repaired.

Learn How a Single Tooth Implant Can Return Your Smile to Its Natural Beauty.
You don’t have to live with a hole in your smile when a single tooth implant can fill that gap. Contact us today to learn more about what a single tooth implant can offer you, or to schedule an appointment at our office!